Centrepieces that will Surely Refresh your Dining Area

Some of the most common centrepieces we see on dining tables are a vase full of fresh flowers and a bowl of fruits. Though they are also refreshing to the eyes, these centrepieces may not be an effective conversational piece especially when you invite your friends and relatives for dinner at your home. Also, if you want something different from what you usually see from other people’s homes, you may set these common centrepieces aside. In this article, let me share to you some alternative centrepieces that you can consider for different occasions and holidays.

Woven tray

Place a woven tray on your table to hold a few décor pieces and even your salt and pepper shakers. You can also place a cute little vase with a few stems of flowers for a more dainty look. This kind of centrepiece will definitely match a dining area with a rustic and country atmosphere as it brings a warm feel to the area. A woven tray with handles can also serve as a serving tray for juice and some snacks for your guests.

Old ceramic pitchers

To achieve a more classic look for your dining area, you can repurpose an old ceramic pitcher into a vase. Paint it with sophisticated colours like white, cream, beige, or baby blue to match the softness of the flowers. You can add this centrepiece to either a wooden or a marble table, just make sure that their colours will complement each other. The handle on the pitcher can also make it more mobile whenever you need to transfer it to another surface.

Glass jars

For a more colourful and quirky centerpiece, replace your bowl with glass jars to display your chosen fruits. You can mix up different fruits such as oranges, lime, and lemons in one jar or have them separated by colour into 3 different jars for a more minimalist vibe. Consider to have a variety on the sizes and shapes of the jars, too.

Cake stands

It does not necessarily mean that you must always have a cake ready on display with this kind of centrepiece, though. Use a repurposed cake stand to hold different elements in your centrepiece! You can place fruits, a few teacups, and even small house plants on its different layers. Jjust make sure that the colours of the elements that you will place are coordinated and will complement each other, as well as the rest of your table.

Framed mirrors

Perhaps a good conversation starter for a centrepiece can be found with a mirror. You lay the mirror flat on the surface of the dining table and use it as a tray to hold your condiments, little candles and a little flower vase. For a more classic look, try to find a frame with floral engravings and attach it to the mirror to set the items atop of it in place. Go for pastel colours as these will be easier for to get flowers with complementing colours.

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