Quick De-Cluttering Tips for Every Part of your Home

Most homes have a lot of stuff loaded on its different parts and cleaning it out may be a hard task to do. You may find it hard where to start and how to start. But by following these simple tips, you can learn to manage cleaning each space in no time.


1. Check the food in your fridge and cupboards. If something has gone past its expiry date, throw it right away. If the expiry date is about to come in a week’s time, make sure to cook it as soon as possible to avoid waste.

2. Assess your kitchen appliances according to the frequency of your usage. If you find something that you haven’t used in the past six months, consider giving it away to charity shops and to junk shops, if ever they are already defective. Do not stock them up on your garage or attic to avoid further clutter.

3. Bulky cookbooks using up too much space? Cut out your favorite recipes from them and store them in plastic pockets or paperbound photo albums.

Living Room

1. Using your smart phones and other gadgets to play music or movies? Better start storing up your piles of CDs and CD players in a box or donate them.

2. Hang your photo frames instead of placing them on top of a table. You’ll surely keep a floor area clear plus you get to accentuate your walls.
3. Check for books that you have already read and store them somewhere else than your book shelves. Use some of the layers of your shelf for other decorative stuff like a vase, a trophy, or your framed family picture.


1. Rummage your clothes and sort out those you haven’t worn for the past months. If it doesn’t fit you well anymore, give them away or setup a garage sale. Also, keep your out of season clothes in a separate storage.

2. Keep your jewelry in a cute jewelry box or a nice jewelry tree. This will definitely clear out the clutter on your dressers and cabinets, plus it would be easier for you to pick which accessory you will wear for the day.

3. Use drawer compartments for a maximised storage solution. It will also get your things organised and away from mix ups.

How to Maintain a Clutter Free Home?

1. Schedule a day in a week for a clean up routine. You don’t have to de-clutter once in a while though. You just have to make sure that everything is still in order.

2. Keep donation boxes or baskets handy. When you donate, it is best of you donate your unwanted things all at once rather than giving a few things away as soon as you get a hold of them. Drop anything that you find not useful anymore to the box and once it is full, now is the time to give it away.

3. Create clutter free zones, like a foyer or the dining table, to bring a cleared out area that would resonate throughout the space.

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